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Nested Notes Tray (ALFIE)

Nested Notes Tray (ALFIE)

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This is a keys and notes-taking station. After rummaging in the junk drawer one too many times for a post-it note, I decided I needed a special thing. It has a nested top tray for keys (or if we’re being honest, whatever you’d like), a pen holder, and a second tray for note cards.

The pencil holder is magnetic and locks into five positions depending on your mood. I include 30 note cards, but no pen because people have strong feelings about pens.

The main part of the tray is 7” in diameter, and the overall length is around 8”. The pen holder is 2” in diameter. The trays are walnut and ash, the pen holder is birch. The pen holder base is made from PLA, felt, and cork. All the wood is finished in 100% walnut oil, with no other solvents or compounds. As such it is completely food safe if you wanted to put some nuts in there.

I make everything one at a time from my little shop in Texas, then send them out into the world in eco-friendly packaging.
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