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Until Further Notice

Freakishly Long Wooden Spoon

Freakishly Long Wooden Spoon

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Behold, my spoon.

The FLWS is more fun than it seems. It’s really not that long (12” or so), but the proportions give it a whimsical quality. I have on several occasions used it as a magical wand, or to swat lovingly at wayward knuckles.

It is perfect for sauteing onions and garlic with salt and pepper. Large amounts of butter, vegetables. It’s not the tool for every task, but it’s perfect for what it’s good at. Finished in 100% walnut oil for a completely natural food safe finish.

One of the reasons that it looks like this (besides being awesome), is that it’s an “offcut product” or a way for me to use material more efficiently. The thing about designing very specific shapes is that you end up with very specific pieces of “trash”. So what do you do with the lemons you’re given? You make Freakishly Long Wooden Spoon lemonade, that’s what.
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