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Carved Wooden Spoon - Walnut

Carved Wooden Spoon - Walnut

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This is a shallow spoon - or maybe it's a round spatula? It's actually a bit in between, but either way the dimples make it perfect for getting the upper hand on anything from sauces to stews.

BEST FOR: this is best for when you're making something of a saucy nature, but also has big chunks of stuff involved. It's relatively shallow so you can get a good push around the pan, but deep enough to get a good tasty of what you're making.

This items is about 11.5" long, 3" wide, and .35" thick. I make them one at a time in my shop, and finish them in 100% walnut oil so they are completely food safe. Then I send them out into the world in eco-friendly packaging, ready for your hands.
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