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Carved Wood Clock, Walnut or Ash (ISHMAEL)

Carved Wood Clock, Walnut or Ash (ISHMAEL)

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Call him Ishmael (or Ish for short). He is a 6" wall clock made by myself in my shop, and he would be the perfect complement in a 'wall of things' type vignette, or as a striking solo piece in the right space.

With a certain amount of whimsical minimalism.

Ish is made from high-quality wood in fun combinations: walnut and oak, ash and walnut. He is finished in 100% walnut oil that settles into a beautifully natural, matte finish over time. There is a single-point hanger on the back that can hang on any old nail or screw, and a cork backing to protect your wall. I'm very sorry but the battery is not included.

Clocks are the perfect example of functional art. Use them, appreciate them, become disgusted at how slow and/or fast they move. In an ever-increasing digital world, I think embracing the physical is a key strategy. We need to slow down. Take the time to read a clock. Breathe deeper, stretch more.

Wood can be a kind of analog; it's natural, strong, vibrant, and durable. In the right environment the wood will outlive us all, but still change and age and get weathered by character (just like us). Maybe I'm just talking to myself now.
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