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A Back Scratcher (MIKE)

A Back Scratcher (MIKE)

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This is Mike, the Back Scratcher. I've been validating this design for going on six years now, and let me tell you it's a winner. Rigorous testing.

There isn't much to Mike - I 3D printed a little scratchy bit in either light pink or brown and stuck it on a stick. The points are actually pretty sharp, which some people are really into (you could always file them down slightly, but remember you can't ever make them pointier).

A NOTE ABOUT 3D PRINTED PARTS: these are not perfect, and the price reflects that. They have layers, and small little defects here and there. It's not meant to be a high-end consumer product, but a useful and functional one! These are made from PLA, a bio-plastic derived from corn.

If you're thinking, hey I can print that and make my own then YES you absolutely can and SHOULD. The files are available on my Printables site you can find at
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